Unlimited possibilities

Behind every advanced feature is powerful software that is surprisingly simple to use

The online yubby software is versatile in the features and designed to be incredibly easy to use. On the my.yubby website you can manage all facets of your account. You can view your photos and videos in original quality and download them when you desire.

Your yubby event will be inexplicably yours by adding your own text, descriptions and icons. You can even add an image which is added as a watermark to photos and videos. Or add your own leader and credits video which are automatically added to videos.

The beauty of your wedding is reflected by yubby without compromise.

Start your yubby event

Incredibly easy

Creating photos and videos together was never this catchy

We’ve designed the yubby app to be beautiful in look and feel. Your wedding guests will love the way they can share photos and videos with you and each other. Seeing all photos and videos appear live in the app is the most catchy of all.

You can entice guests to use yubby by sending them our special smart invite or give them the QR code which is supplied with every event. Guests can start using yubby right away!

After the wedding you have a stunning digital photo and video collection made with love by the people that matter most!

Live inspiration

Seeing what others create inspires to do the same

Everyone can enjoy the photo’s and video’s with a live slideshow of your wedding. Photo’s and video’s are instantly displayed in a meticulously designed slideshow. When something new is added the slide show updates creating an extraordinary experience.

The slideshow can be displayed using a TV or projector. The only thing you need is a computer connected to the internet and guests who love to make some great shots!

No boundaries

Make all smartphones and tablets at your wedding
into something incredibly special

Yubby can be used on any smartphone or tablet. If you can send an e-mail you can use yubby. Seeing what others have created can be done in the internet browser.

Using the yubby app gives you the best experience. The yubby app is available on the iOS platform and will launch soon in the Google Play Store.

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