5 Flickr wedding photo groups for inspiration

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Everyone dreams of the best wedding photos for their precious day but picking out an official photographer can sometimes be very tricky. How are you going to bring your taste in photos across to a photographer so he or she will know exactly what types of shots you really like?

A great place for inspiration is the photo website Flickr. Het sports some fabulous groups with awesome wedding photos from photographers from all over the world. A great start for inspiration to browse and collect a few of these photos to share them with you wedding photographer. Next thing you know you end up with the photo album of your dreams.

1. Wedding Photographers

The name says it all. It’s an 8 year old community of over 17.000 wedding photographers and contains over 150.000 wedding photos for you to look at.

2.Wedding Photojournalists who choose to progress!

With over 1.800 members a large group of wedding photographers who want to excel to become better photographers.

3. ~ Wedding photography ~

Amazing shots from all over the world with some great inspiration.

4. Wedding Art

You will find some awesome shots in this group which can be considered wedding art!

5. Wedding Photography

One of the most active groups on Flickr and a place where you will find all sorts of photos both professional and amateur snapshots that can be oh so fabulous as well!


Photo credit: Richard Skins

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