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Formula 1 wedding proposal

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Lotus F1’s Nick Hayes proposed to Red Bull Racing’s Kerry Arnold last night before the Singapore Grand Prix and it was absolutely adorable. They met through F1 so it was more than fitting to have the proposal right there at the circuit just when (what it looks like) Kerry was just ready/done with a jog.

This picture tweeted out by Red Bull shows the proposal spelled out on a pit board sign.

More pictures of the happy couple:

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A couple with amazing movie themed engagement photos

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When you’re a professional wedding photographer, there’s a lot of pressure to get the perfect shots of your own nuptials. So when photographer Joshua Watson and his then-girlfriend Rachel, who works in video production, wanted to take engagement photos for their June 1 union, they went above and beyond the typical photo shoot.

Joshua and Rachel worked with Jordan Nakamura, Joshua’s college roommate and a fellow photographer, to recreate seven posters from movies and TV shows.

Each poster stars the happy couple in the lead roles, with clever wordplay in the title. To make the posters look as official as possible, they filled the name slots for supporting actors and actresses with everyone who helped make their wedding happen — their parents, wedding party, clergy, planner, florists, clothing designers and more.

“We both felt somewhat burnt out on the traditional approach toward wedding and engagement photography. It seems a little ‘cut-and-pasted’ to us,” Joshua wrote in an email to Mashable. “We wanted our engagement and wedding to be the first time we actually collaborated and created something together and decided to produce this.”

The project took six months to complete. The final images were used as DVD covers, which were sent to all guests in place of traditional paper invitations.

Check out the Academy Award-worthy photos below.

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source: Mashable

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