How to find the designer and model wedding dress worn by celebrity

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You know the feeling when you see a wedding dress on a website somewhere – maybe worn by a celebrity – and you have the feeling it’s the perfect wedding dress for you but you have no clue who the designer is, what the model is called or how to find all this information online? We have a wedding dress finder pro-tip for you!

You can use reverse image search from Google to find exactly the information you need! All you need to do is save the picture of the wedding dress to your computer, then open the Google Images website:

Now you drag-and-drop the wedding dress image from your hard drive (dragging it from another browser will also work) and drop it on the Google Images search bar. Voila! You do a search for matching wedding dresses all over the web. Chances are you find the image somewhere on a different website with the wedding dress information you need.

To get the most out of this reverse image search make sure you have the best picture you can find of the wedding dress. Most optimal is to have only the bride and the dress in the picture.

Finally you can find where those celebrities get their wonderful wedding dresses from!

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