Are you ready for the wedding jumpsuit?

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The new trend in weddings seem to become jumpsuits. They’re even a fashion staple in the closet of reality TV stars the Kardashian sisters. But this year, they’ll be seen in a whole new way: on women walking down the aisle.

“We are seeing a lot of destination brides considering the jumpsuit, a lot of brides who are getting married for the second time,” said Keijia Minor, editor-in-chief of Brides magazine. “The wedding jumpsuit will flatter many figures and will be within reach of a range of budgets.”

So who is wearing jumpsuits to their weddding? We’ve seen Kim Zolciak of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in this look to her recent wedding to NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Designers of wedding jumpsuits include J.Crew, Lanvin, Rivini and Victoria Kyriakides and Vera Wang Debuts Pink Wedding Dress Collection at Bridal Fashion Week.

“I actually think they’re really cute and it’s really awesome. Brides are taking a twist on the classic bridal silhouette,” Alex Arechiga said. But Cheryl Shapiro disagrees. Strongly. “When I think of a jumpsuit I think of flying out of an airplane or something,” she said.

If you like the idea of the jumpsuit but are too traditional to wear it down the aisle on your wedding day, Minor said the garment may be worn at another wedding-related occasion, such as by the bride-to-be at the rehearsal dinner or brunch the day after the wedding.

6 amazingly funny wedding GIF’s

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GIFs are animated pictures which usually contain something really funny or really cool. It might not be the very best for your moving wedding pictures – you are better off sticking to a wedding video for that – but they do make some great funny wedding scenes which are a little cringe worthy.

Check out our 6 favorite animated wedding GIFs:

1. You had one job!

2. One of the best bouquet tossing pranks I’ve seen!

3. Hands down one of the best wedding entries from The Office TV-series

4. Timber!

5. You are going to save the camera and not your bride? Really? Not cool!

You are going to save the camera and not your bride? Really? Not cool!

6. She might be a bit too happy about this…

Bonus: great, but not funny!

It seems like an animated GIF can actually make a great wedding picture.

9 funny wedding pictures

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Why not make your wedding pictures into something fun everyone wille be talking about for years to come? For example you or your friends can do something funny or pose in a funny way, maybe you can ridicule or magnify one of your hobbies or something you are known for, and some of the best funny pictures are actually just candid photos which are made by being at just the right time or because someone has a great idea! Either way if you use the yubby app for your wedding pictures you know there is always going to be something memorable in there!

Check out some of our favorites below, or go to our Pinterest funniest wedding pictures board to see some other great examples!

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Print wedding memories straight from Facebook

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After you’ve used Yubby to share your favorite memories it’s easy for you to download all the photos and videos in high resolution directly from Yubby.

But what if you want to save your Facebook posts and maybe the likes and comments from your friends? You never know where Facebook will be in 10 years so it might be a safe bet to print them. That’s where MySocialBook comes in. This Brazilian startup specializes in printing Facebook profiles and pages to a hardcopy book so you can keep it forever.

It’s easy for you to share all your photos and videos to Facebook and this might be a cool new way to print those wedding memories! Books start at just $11 and ship worldwide.

Get started with social sharing

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yubby-sharingWe’ve made sharing the photos and videos from your event a whole lot easier! You can now connect your Facebook profile or page or Twitter account to your event to share your photos and videos instantly.

How does it work?

Go to any existing event or create a new event. In the event your click on manage in the event toolbar (left side).


  1. In the left hand menu click on Facebook sharing
  2. Click the blue button ‘Connect to Facebook’
  3. Sign-in to Facebook (if needed) and allow yubby to post photos and videos to your Facebook profile or page
  4. Done!

Now all photos and videos posted to your event will be posted on Facebook automatically.

Publish options

If you have a Facebook page you can configure this as well at Publish options. If it says ‘my own timeline’ it will only publish to your profile, if you choose one of the pages you can manage within Facebook yubby will post only to this page.


  1. In the left hand menu click on Twitter sharing
  2. Click the blue button ‘Connect to Twitter’
  3. Sign-in to Twitter (if needed) and click on Authorize app
  4. Done!

Now all photos and videos posted to your event will be posted on your Twitter account automatically.

Publish options

You can configure how a message is published at the Publish options. Standard it uses only the title of the photo of video posted but you can configure this in any way you want. When you use the short codes [title] it posts the title of the item and [event] it posts the name of the event automatically. If you choose to enter some text or a #hashtag it will add this to all of your Tweets as well. The photo or video is added separately to the Twitter message.

So go ahead and be social with your event!

Embed your yubby wedding on any website

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Many of you asked for an easy way to showcase the media of your event on your own website. You asked, we listened: introducing embedding.

With the new embedding feature you can publish a gallery like you see below easily on your website. Visitors to your website can scroll through the photos and videos of your event and view or watch them right there on your site.

All you have to do is go to the ‘manage event’ page of your event on and click on ‘event widget’ in the left side menu. You can adjust the height and width of the widget to fit your website like a handcrafted custom made glove. Just copy the code and paste it in the HTML of your website and you are good to go!

Let us know where you embed your media so we can feature your event on our website!

Formula 1 wedding proposal

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Lotus F1’s Nick Hayes proposed to Red Bull Racing’s Kerry Arnold last night before the Singapore Grand Prix and it was absolutely adorable. They met through F1 so it was more than fitting to have the proposal right there at the circuit just when (what it looks like) Kerry was just ready/done with a jog.

This picture tweeted out by Red Bull shows the proposal spelled out on a pit board sign.

More pictures of the happy couple:

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A couple with amazing movie themed engagement photos

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When you’re a professional wedding photographer, there’s a lot of pressure to get the perfect shots of your own nuptials. So when photographer Joshua Watson and his then-girlfriend Rachel, who works in video production, wanted to take engagement photos for their June 1 union, they went above and beyond the typical photo shoot.

Joshua and Rachel worked with Jordan Nakamura, Joshua’s college roommate and a fellow photographer, to recreate seven posters from movies and TV shows.

Each poster stars the happy couple in the lead roles, with clever wordplay in the title. To make the posters look as official as possible, they filled the name slots for supporting actors and actresses with everyone who helped make their wedding happen — their parents, wedding party, clergy, planner, florists, clothing designers and more.

“We both felt somewhat burnt out on the traditional approach toward wedding and engagement photography. It seems a little ‘cut-and-pasted’ to us,” Joshua wrote in an email to Mashable. “We wanted our engagement and wedding to be the first time we actually collaborated and created something together and decided to produce this.”

The project took six months to complete. The final images were used as DVD covers, which were sent to all guests in place of traditional paper invitations.

Check out the Academy Award-worthy photos below.

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source: Mashable

Cross-platform and impressive slideshows

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We are excited to announce Yubby can now be used cross-platform with virtually any smart device. As long as it can send an e-mail, you can join in on a Yubby event!

Every Yubby event receives an unique e-mail address. Any photos or videos sent to this e-mail address will be added to the photo and video stream of the event.

You can find the e-mail address by going to the event dashboard and clicking the Invite guests button.

Impress your guests with a slideshow

We’ve also upgraded the slideshow functionality. The slideshow randomly shows the photos and videos with beautiful effects. It also includes the QR invite code for the event so anyone can join in the fun!

Of course the slideshow is updated live; so when someone adds a photo or video to your event it’s shown in the slideshow. It all refreshes automatically without any effort on your part. Just click and go!

The slideshow functionality can be found on the dashboard above your media. It’s a great way to share the fun at your next event!

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